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Earn MORE Than Just Commissions!

Earn points with the Sunlight Rewards Program by running deals through Enerflo.

Sell • Redeem • Repeat

How to Participate

  • Enroll to earn! Sign up with the Sunlight Rewards Program using the enrollment email when you submit your first deal or register through the Orange® portal (read more below).
  • Use the same email address each time you submit a deal to Sunlight through Enerflo to earn points toward your Sunlight Rewards Status! If you have a Sunlight Rewards Program account, make sure your account with Enerflo uses the same email address.

Save Up & Redeem!

Browse our catalog for prizes that fit your interests! From Super Bowl tickets to home appliances, stack your points to redeem big!

Rewards Status

Level Up Sunlight Rewards Status

The more you sell, the more points you earn! Sunlight Rewards Status means multipliers of 2X, 5X or 10X points per deal.

Bonus Opportunities

Bonus Opportunities

Earn 30,000 points for your first three Notice to Proceed approvals. Plus, additional bonus opportunities!


  • Earn at least 5,000 points for each Notice to Proceed approval.
  • The number of points per deal is determined by your Sunlight Rewards Status and the related multiplier.
  • Earn Sunlight Rewards Status for the following two six-month periods: January 1st – June 30th & July 1st – December 31st.
  • Keep your Sunlight Rewards Status for the remainder of the current and next six-month period.
Status Cycles

Ready to Start Earning?

  • When you run your first Sunlight deal with Enerflo, you will receive a welcome email to enroll into the Sunlight Rewards Program. Please note this email may be sent following either credit approval or after the execution of the loan agreement. Follow the instructions in the welcome email to sign up for Sunlight Rewards and start earning points. Please note, you will only earn points after you enroll, and your deals must reach the Notice to Proceed approval milestone for points to be awarded.
  • Check your email! Find the email with the subject line: “Earn points with Sunlight Financial!” Click the “Terms & Conditions” button in the email
  • A new window will open with the Sunlight Rewards Terms & Conditions. Click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the Terms & Conditions window.

  • After you accept the Terms & Conditions of the Sunlight Rewards Program, you will receive a welcome email from contactus@sunlightfinancialrewards.com. Click the "Create Rewards Login" button to set up your password and create your account. This account will allow you to check your point balance and shop for prizes.
  • Go to sunlightfinancialrewards.com and log in using your credentials. To start earning points, use the same email address as your Sunlight Rewards account each time you send deals to Sunlight. You will receive points for every solar deal that reaches Notice to Proceed approval. Points will automatically deposit into your Sunlight Rewards account based on your Rewards Status when your deal is approved for Notice to Proceed. Your Rewards Status is determined by how many deals you sell in the current earning period. The higher your status, the more points you earn per deal. You will not receive points for deals approved before you accepted the Terms & Conditions of the Sunlight Rewards Program.
  • For assistance with creating your Sunlight Rewards Program account, please email sunlightrewards@sunlightfinancial.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why wasn’t my Sunlight Rewards Program account updated with points for a recent deal? – Please check with your Operations Manager to confirm the deal is clear of all stipulations and submitted for “Notice to Proceed” in Orange®.
  • What is the current balance of my Sunlight Rewards Program account? – Please log in to sunlightfinancialrewards.com to see your full balance. If you have not established a Sunlight Rewards Program account, please click “Forgot Password”.
  • How many deals do I need to level up my Sunlight Rewards Status? – Count how many “Notice to Proceed” Approvals you have in each point bracket. Then, use the chart below to see how many you need to reach the next Sunlight Rewards Status.
  • Rewards Tiers
  • How do I know how many points I’m earning per deal? – The number of points you earn is based on your Sunlight Rewards Status at the time a deal receives “Notice to Proceed” approval. You will receive an email when a customer signs their loan agreement to inform you of your then-current Sunlight Rewards Status and the number of points you will earn for the relevant deal. Log in to sunlightfinancialrewards.com and click on Reports → My Earnings Report.
  • Earnings Reports
  • What are the different types of Sunlight Rewards Program points? – There are three types of points you can earn: Notice to Proceed Approval, Bonus Points, and Payment Approval.
    • Notice to Proceed Approval – earned per solar deal based on then-current Sunlight Rewards Status.
    • Bonus Points – earned for certain activities such as receiving “Notice to Proceed” from Sunlight on your first three deals. Bonus Points generally do not count toward your Sunlight Rewards Status.
    • Payment Approval – points earned for submitting home improvement deals which are counted by the dollar amount of the project.
  • Rewards Point Balances
  • What if I have multiple Sunlight Rewards Program accounts? – If you actively sell through multiple companies, you must use the same email address to earn points toward your Sunlight Rewards Status. If you use multiple emails through different partners, your points will accrue under separate Sunlight Rewards Program accounts.
  • Can I transfer points? – If you have moved to a new company and want to combine your points with those from your previous account, please email sunlightrewards@sunlightfinancial.com.
  • Someone left the company; can I have their points? – No, you cannot receive or redeem points earned by another person.

Requirements for Participating in the Sunlight Rewards Program

  • Use the same email each time you send deals to Sunlight to take advantage of Sunlight Rewards Status and keep earning points! Otherwise, not all of your deals will count toward leveling up to the next Sunlight Rewards Status.
  • Single-User Policy – The Sunlight Rewards Program is designed to incentivize individual salespersons to sell Sunlight. You may not share your Sunlight Rewards Program account information with any other persons or provide any other persons with access to your Sunlight Rewards Program account. If you do so, your account will be disabled.
  • You begin accruing points after you’ve enrolled in the Sunlight Rewards Program. You can do this either through the Orange® portal (if you already have a Sunlight Rewards Program account) or through the enrollment email after submitting a deal through Enerflo.

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