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Contractor financing program for home automation upgrades

Over the course of only a few years, automation services have become extremely popular with homeowners across the county. With the rapid advancement of digital technology and virtual assistants, growth in this industry is expected to increase at an incredible rate. By taking part in Sunlight Financial’s contractor financing program for home automation upgrades, you’ll have a powerful tool that will help you close more sales today while also ensuring your business remains competitive long into the future.

Sunlight Financial has become a trusted long-term partner for home automation specialists throughout the nation because we:

  • • Offer highly competitive loan rates, making it easier for contractors to make sales

  • • Provide flexible contractor financing solutions that allow businesses to tailor loans to their customers’ specific needs

  • • Have developed the Orange® online portal and mobile app with robust APIs that make financing fast, easy, and accurate

  • • Provide best-in-class support that includes sales training, a comprehensive digital help desk, and easy-to-access, personalized customer service

Grow your business with help from Sunlight Financial

At Sunlight Financial, we’ve developed contractor financing solutions that take the unique challenges that home improvement contractors face into account. As our partner, you’ll have access to a suite of powerful tools that will give you an edge in the highly competitive home automation industry. Our proprietary point-of-sale platform and user-friendly mobile app are paperless and fully automated to maximize approvals and reduce the amount of time that your sales team needs to spend in customers’ homes. It is also designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing sales process, ensuring you can provide a great experience for homeowners.

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Having funded more than $3.5 billion in loans Sunlight Financial has proven expertise in credit, consumer finance, and home improvement. To learn more about our solutions and to see if our contractor financing program for home automation upgrades is right for your business, fill out our form today.