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In Person Document Signing

Sunlight Financial is equipping your team with another improvement to simplify and speed up the customer closing experience – In Person Document Signing! Reps who are selling in person will now be able to have the customer generate loan documents and e-sign them on the spot using the representative’s laptop or tablet!

Please note, this feature should only be used when working with customers in person.

  • “When working with customers in person, sales reps should review and understand any applicable safety requirements or recommendations established by any applicable governmental authority. This document does not constitute any representation or warranty by Sunlight Financial that the in person signing process complies with any such requirements or recommendations.”
  • Additionally, customers will only have one opportunity to use the “In Person Document Signing” feature once their credit is approved (read more below).

How Does In Person Document Signing Work?

1. If a customer completes an “In Person Credit Application” and receives a credit approval they will receive the below screen.

2. If you scroll down the page there will be a button that says, “In Person Document Signing.” If you click this button a new tab will open with the customer’s loan document package. Please pass control of your device to the customer until they have completed their loan document signing.

Please note customers will only have one opportunity to use the “In Person Document Signing” feature once their credit is approved. To make sure your customer is ready to sign encourage your them to have their banking info (for ACH form) and their ID (for the credit union member form) ready.

If the loan documents tab is closed out before customer completes signing, you will need to simply email the loan document package directly to the customer’s inbox by clicking on the customer’s account and clicking the “Send Loan Document” button highlighted below. This is an important precaution Sunlight takes to prevent customer fraud.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Customers who sign their documents using the “In Person Signing” feature and do not pass the ID check at the beginning of the DocuSign package (ie. incorrectly answer 4 out of the 6 questions) will be required to complete a courtesy call. This is a short phone call Sunlight requests in a few cases to protect customers from fraud.

  • If a customer is required to complete a courtesy call, there will be an email notification sent to both the customer and the sales rep. For compliance purposes, please make sure the customer calls into Sunlight directly rather than having the sales rep call and transfer the customer over.
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