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Product Management Feature Overview

The Product Management feature in Orange® allows designated users to update which loan products can be sold in real-time to align with your organization’s business strategy!

Benefits of the Product Management Feature:

  • More Control: When pivoting your business on the drop of a dime is required, the Product Management feature provides more control over which loan products are available – all in real-time with a few clicks of a button!
  • More Flexibility: Different states require different strategies. Decide which loan products are live in Orange® down to the state level and position your sales reps to succeed with the best loan products for that state.

Getting Started with Product Management

How do I get this Product Management feature added to my account?

The Product Management feature should only be granted to people in your organization that are trusted to manage loan products for your team (i.e., Executives, operations managers or sales directors). To get this feature added to a specific Orange® account please email your Sunlight Financial account manager with the request and include the name, email and role of the person in question.

How does the Product Management feature work?

Note About Child Accounts/Sales Orgs – If your organization has child accounts set up with Sunlight Financial for its sales orgs, then any changes made through your parent account will not affect the child accounts. We recommend setting up a user with the Product Management feature for each child account that wants to manage their own loan products.

Note About Pricing Schedule – Only partners who have signed the Pricing Schedule Amendment will be able to use this Product Management feature since it will allow a partner to choose multiple APRs per tenor in any given program state.

1. Click on the menu in the upper right in Orange® and choose “Product Management” under administration. You will see all active and available loan products for your organization. Then click the “Edit Products” button to begin adjusting.

The green circle is for products that are live. The red circle is for products that can be activated but are not yet live.

2. You can turn loan products on by clicking “Activate” and turn them off by clicking “Remove”. There will be a drop down for all the eligible states for that loan product. Toggle the states that you would like to turn on or off for the selected loan product.

3. You can also just update which states each loan product is available by clicking the section highlighted in yellow below for each loan product.

4. Click the “Confirm Changes” button to confirm you are satisfied with your updated loan products. Please note the states in green are the ones that will be live with the appropriate loan products.

5. A confirmation page will pop up with Terms and Conditions that are relevant to the changes to the loan products. Click the “Confirm” button and your changes will go into effect instantly!

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