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Sunlight Rewards FAQs

The industry's first and only loyalty program which rewards you for selling Solar!

How does the Sunlight Rewards Program work for API partners?

  • If you enroll in the Sunlight Rewards Program, Sunlight will award you points for every Sunlight-approved deal. These points can be redeemed for prizes.
  • Each deal with "Notice to Proceed” approval will earn you at least 5,000 points.
  • The points per deal are determined by Rewards Status* and its corresponding multiplier.
  • By selling more Sunlight-approved deals, you can achieve a higher Sunlight Rewards Status. A higher status allows you to cash in for huge prizes by earning up to 10X points per deal depending on your Sunlight Rewards Status (read more below).
  • Earn 30,000 bonus points after your third Sunlight-approved deal for a total of 45,000 points.
  • *Sunlight Rewards Status is determined in two six-month periods, from July 1st - December 31st and January 1st – June 30th. Your Rewards Status is valid for the current and next six-month period.

How do I get started with the Sunlight Rewards Program?

  • What if this is my first time enrolling in the Sunlight Rewards Program?

    When you run a Sunlight deal in your system, you will receive an email to enroll in the Sunlight Rewards Program. Please note this email may be sent following either credit approval or after the execution of the loan agreement, depending on your company.

    Click the “Terms & Conditions” button in the email

  • A new window will open with the Sunlight Rewards Terms & Conditions. Click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the Terms & Conditions window.

    After you accept the Terms & Conditions of the Sunlight Rewards Program, you will receive a welcome email from contactus@sunlightfinancialrewards.com. Click the "Create Rewards Login" button to set up your password and create your account.

    Go to sunlightfinancialrewards.com and log in using your credentials. To start earning points, use the same email address as your Sunlight Rewards account each time you send deals to Sunlight. You will receive points for every Sunlight-approved deal. Points will automatically deposit into your Sunlight Rewards account based on your Rewards Status when your deal is approved for Notice to Proceed. You will not receive points for deals approved before you accepted the Terms & Conditions of the Sunlight Rewards Program.

I am unable to log in to the Sunlight Rewards portal

  • If you are unable to log in to the Sunlight Rewards portal, please click on the Forgot Password link below the Sign In button to reset your password. If you are unable to reset your password, email contactus@sunlightfinancialrewards.com or call 888-743-8731.

What if I am already enrolled in the Sunlight Rewards Program?

  • If you’ve already enrolled in the Sunlight Rewards Program previously, you can continue earning so long as you are using the same email address when running deals through your company’s system.

What if I am using a different email address from my previous Sunlight Rewards Program account?

  • If you run a deal using a different email address than what is currently registered for the Sunlight Rewards Program you will receive an email to enroll using your new email address. Once you enrolled using this email you can continue to accrue points with your new account. Your previous account will remain active and you can redeem those points by logging into sunlightfinancialrewards.com with your previous email address.

How do I begin shopping for prizes?

  • After you accept the Terms & Conditions of the Sunlight Rewards Program and create your account, you will start receiving points from every Sunlight-approved deal. You can view your current points balance in the Sunlight Rewards portal. Go to the Rewards portal to shop in the rewards catalog and start adding prizes to your wish list.

Does this affect my taxes?

  • The Sunlight Rewards Program may affect your taxes. If your total redemptions for the taxable year exceed $600, the IRS requires that you state the value of the rewards you have received as part of your income for tax purposes. Once Sunlight determines that you have earned at least $600 worth of points, Sunlight will ask you to provide some additional information (including your address and social security number) in order to enable Sunlight to provide you with the required 1099 statement. Please note that Sunlight is not a tax advisor and cannot provide individual tax advice. Any questions regarding the impact of your participation in the Sunlight Rewards Program on your taxes should be directed to your tax advisor.*
  • *Sunlight requires that each representative is submitting deals through their own account, ensuring that they can manage their own tax liability.

How does the new and improved Sunlight Rewards Program work for Solar partners?

  • Each deal that receives "Notice to Proceed” approval will earn you at least 5,000 points.
  • Your third deal will earn you an additional 30,000 points bonus – that's 45,000 total points for just three (3) deals approved by Sunlight.
  • Sunlight Rewards Status – Sunlight wants to encourage and reward its most loyal partners by bumping them up to higher rewards status levels for continuing to sell Sunlight:*

  • *Your Sunlight Rewards Status is determined in six (6) month increments – from January 1st – June 30th and from July 1st - December 31st. Whenever you earn your rewards status, it will be good for the rest of that six (6) month period and the following six (6) month period.

    Example: If you start with Sunlight in March and you sell eighteen (18) deals by May – all your deals until December 31st will earn you at least 5X points. To keep your platinum status for the next year, you’d need to earn 18 deals from July 1st to December 31st.

Are there other bonus opportunities and will my Sunlight Rewards Status effect how much I can earn on these bonuses?

  • Sunlight will be running promotions and other bonus opportunities all year long to help you earn more. Keep in mind that any bonuses will not be calculated based on your Sunlight Rewards Status. For example, a bonus opportunity of 30,000 points can only earn you 30,000 regardless of your Sunlight Rewards Status. You'll receive email updates about any new bonus opportunities.

Will I get points as soon as I sign up a new deal?

  • Your points will be pending when the customer’s loan agreement is signed but will not be awarded until after the deal is approved by Sunlight for “Notice To Proceed”. The request for “Notice to Proceed” may be handled by your operations teammates. You can help by making sure customers are submitting any necessary stipulation documents - this makes sure Sunlight can deposit your points as soon as possible!

    Please note: You have up until the deal is approved for Notice to Proceed to put the deal into the correct sales representative’s name. Please make sure the deal is in the correct sales representative’s name before the deal is approved so that the rewards points are awarded correctly.

How can I track my points earned and Sunlight Rewards Status?

  • Every time you have points deposited into your account you will receive an email confirming that your points have been deposited.

  • You can log into sunlightfinancialrewards.com to review your points balance. You can also click the “Earning History” button to see when your points were earned.

I enrolled previously in the Sunlight Rewards Program. Can I count my deals before April 22nd toward my Sunlight Rewards Status?

  • Sunlight-approved deals that were approved prior to April 22nd will not count toward your Sunlight Rewards Status.

I have been working with Sunlight and just signed up for the Sunlight Rewards Program. Can I get credit from my previous sales?

  • Unfortunately, Sunlight can only award points for sales that were approved after you accepted the current Terms and Conditions of the Sunlight Rewards Program. All deals approved thereafter will earn you points according to your Sunlight Rewards Status.

What if I sell both Solar and Home Improvement loans through Sunlight?

  • Your solar and home improvement points will be tracked through a single Sunlight Rewards Program account. If you earn points through solar or home improvement, they will both count toward your Sunlight Rewards Status will be applied to each approved deal.

Do the points have an expiration date?

  • With the Sunlight Rewards Program, points do not have a set expiration date.

When does the Sunlight Rewards Program end?

  • The Sunlight Rewards Program is currently contemplated to remain ongoing but Sunlight reserves the right to modify or terminate the Sunlight Rewards Program at any time.

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