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Deck contractor financing programs designed to grow your business

Deck builders are in the business of creating beautiful outdoor spaces that homeowners can enjoy year after year. However, custom craftsmanship comes at a high cost, and many homeowners scale back or cancel their projects once they see the final price tag. At Sunlight Financial, we offer deck contractor financing programs that allow deck builders to offer affordable loans directly to their customers. Our financing solutions help our partners make the most of every sales opportunity because they are:

  • • Competitively priced – Our low rates add value to our partners’ sales proposals in a way the customers can see clearly.

  • • Flexible – A variety of loan types and terms are available, including amounts up to $50,000.

  • • Convenient – Our digital-first process allows for simple, paperless applications as well as fast approvals and funding.

Industry leaders in process and partnerships

Sunlight Financial’s deck contractor financing programs can be seamlessly incorporated into our partners’ business operations and sales processes. We’ve created an intuitive yet powerful point-of-sale solution – the Orange® online platform and mobile app – that can be used to manage every aspect of a customer’s loan including application and status tracking. It even has advanced functionality, such as a payment calculator and counteroffer feature that enables our partners to close even more sales.

Additionally, as a Sunlight Financial partner, deck contractors have access to innovative sales training, daily reporting, and comprehensive support. Our commitment to helping contractors grow their businesses has allowed us to maintain diverse sources of capital and fund more than $3.5 billion in loans.

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