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Fence contractors that offer finance close more sales

If you’re a fence contractor, then you’re likely familiar with customers getting sticker shock when they first see your estimate. After all, fence installation – especially from a reputable company – is a costly process, which is something many homeowners aren’t aware of. There may be little that a fence contractor can do to prepare customers for a price that is higher than expected. However, fence contractors that finance are better able to navigate this bump in the sales process by making projects as affordable as possible.

Sunlight Financial offers flexible contractor financing with robust tools to ensure your success

When you partner with Sunlight Financial, you’ll get a set of powerful tools that will help you gain an edge in the ever-more-competitive home improvement market. We offer more than 40 loan programs to suit the specific needs of your customers, and all of our financing solutions allow for:

• A fast, simple, and paperless process
• Fast credit approvals and higher dollar amounts through our portal or mobile app
• Fast funding with progress payments made available
• Convenient payment options with no prepayment penalties

At Sunlight Financial, we’re committed to helping our contractor partners succeed over the long term. We achieve this by providing a full suite of support services in addition to affordable and convenient financing solutions. For example, as our partner, you’ll have access to our Orange® online sales platform and mobile app, where you can easily submit applications, track loan statuses, and get funding for projects with minimal documentation. This will enable your sales reps to do more with less time during in-home consultations. And, with our seven-day per week elite customer support services and weekly training, you can rest assured financing with us will always be a seamless and value-added experience.

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