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Simple, Paperless Process

Seamlessly Offer Financing to Homeowners

Our proprietary sales platform, Orange®, enables your team to close more deals and increase sales. With our innovative features, you can seamlessly offer financing to homeowners, send loan docs for signing, and more. Orange® is the must-have tool that will grow your business.

Paperless Process

Our frictionless, paperless process makes selling with Sunlight easy. Every step of the sales process is housed in Orange®, so you don’t have to spend time juggling paperwork or navigating clunky portals. When you partner with Sunlight, you can offer homeowners financing options with a few clicks.

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Powerful sales tools

Drive Efficiency and Empower Your Reps to Sell

Payment Calculator

Show homeowners a tangible example of what their payments can be with Sunlight. Using the payment calculator as a selling tool during a sales call, you can display up to 3 quotes at once to show good, better, and best scenarios to keep monthly payments low and affordable.

Visualizing how homeowners can compare up to three quotes at once with our calculator

Pre-qualification Tool

With Sunlight’s pre-qual tool, you can equip yourself with crucial information to help close more deals. Our soft pull pre-qualification tool requires little information – no SSN or DOB required – and quickly indicates if a homeowner is qualified for financing. When you use pre-qualification as a guide on your sales calls, you can spend more time with qualified buyers and close more deals.

Visualizing a success pre-qualification in our Orange platform

Mobile App

4.8 star rating in the App Store

Everything Orange® at your fingertips! With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can leverage your favorite Sunlight tools when you’re on the go. From pre-qualifying homeowners to requesting change orders to signing loan documents, you’ll have everything you need when you need it! Plus, gain access to these exclusive mobile-only features: ID scanner, face and touch ID, and secure uploads.

Visualizing features from our mobile app

Spanish Selling

Selling in Spanish compliantly is easy with Sunlight. In Orange®, you can toggle between Spanish and English as needed. All sales process documents, a sales support line, and post-sale servicing customer support are available in Spanish. Expand your financeable market and attract new customers with our Spanish capabilities!

Visualizing a Spanish credit approval

Streamlined Reporting

Simplify Your Backend Operations

Product Management

Our product management dashboard lets you control which Sunlight loans your sales team can sell. Not only will you be able to remove or add loan products to fit your company’s strategy, but the dashboard lets you see APR, tenor, and dealer fees in one place.

Visualizing our product management feature in the Orange portal

Pipeline Reporting

Access to data and insights is crucial to keep your sales team running smoothly and your business running optimally. With Sunlight’s pipeline reporting tool, you can get a snapshot of your current deals in one easy-to-use dashboard. With filtering capabilities, you can narrow your search and see where your projects are in the pipeline.

Visualizing our pipeline reporting feature in the Orange portal

Remittance Dashboard

With our remittance dashboard, you can access financial information and track your remittance payments. We break the data down by All Payments, Deal Level Payments, and Daily Payments so you can filter as needed and keep your books up to date.

Visualizing our remittance dashboard feature in the Orange portal

Hear from our partners


Orange is extremely efficient and the quickest out of the platforms that my company uses.
After working with Orange for only a short time, it was a big time saver for me.
Orange makes it very seamless to apply and get loan approvals.
The features are very convenient, and simple to use...the portal has always been flawless.
Very simple process, one of our easiest platforms start to finish.
I think the Orange Portal is more refined and user-friendly than other portals I have used.