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Comprehensive roofing contractor financing services

As an experienced roofing contractor, you understand that, more often than not, homeowners contact you out of necessity. Potential customers may have discovered spreading water stains on their ceiling, or perhaps had a hole punched in their roof by a falling tree branch. Or maybe their roofing system has entered into a state of disrepair that simply can’t be ignored any longer. In these situations, if you’re not in a position to provide fast, convenient, and affordable solutions, you may find yourself losing sales to a company that is.

At Sunlight Financial, we offer flexible roofing contractor financing services that allow you to offer competitive financing terms directly to your customers. This can be an invaluable tool to add to your sales process, as it makes payment seamless and affordable for an expense that many homeowners aren’t prepared for.

Industry leaders in price, product suite, process, payment terms, and partnership

Our goal is to create financing solutions that add value to our partners’ sales propositions in a way that is clear to homeowners. To achieve this, we offer highly competitive loan rates along with fast credit approvals while also minimizing documentation requirements.

Sunlight Financial’s contractor financing is also flexible. We understand that the total cost of roofing projects often changes due to unforeseen complications. The last thing you or your customers want is to have to stop the reroofing process to apply for an additional loan. Our max approval loans were built for roofing contractors to simplify changes, so if the project price increases, there’s no need to refile paperwork.

Additionally, we’ve leveraged advanced digital technology to create a process and experience that is intuitive for contractors and homeowners alike. As our partner, you’ll have access to our Orange® online portal and mobile app with robust APIs that allow you to easily track loans and close more deals. With our 7-day per week elite customer support services and weekly training, you’ll have a dedicated support tactician to ensure your experience is seamless. Your sales reps will be equipped with tools and training to elevate their skills and position them to win more bids.

Are you ready to partner with Sunlight Financial?

With extensive expertise in credit, consumer finance, and home improvement, Sunlight Financial has an established reputation as well as stable, diverse sources of capital. To date, we’ve funded more than $3.5 billion in loans. If you’d like to learn more about how our roofing contractor financing services can help you grow your business, fill out our form today.