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Close more sales with our innovative window contractor financing program

Replacing house windows is a significant investment – one that most homeowners don’t make without careful consideration. As a window contractor, you may have created a sales process that highlights all the benefits of replacement windows, from improved aesthetics to enhanced energy efficiency. However, if you’re not offering affordable financing options, then you’re missing a valuable sales tool.

It’s not uncommon for even highly motivated homeowners to balk when they see the total price of replacement window installation. By taking part in Sunlight Financial’s window contractor financing program, you can offer flexible, affordable financing solutions that are designed to make your sales easier to close.

Loan and payment terms that benefit your customers

Financing a window replacement project can be a sensible decision for homeowners, especially since the enhanced thermal performance that new windows provide might save them money on monthly energy costs. Sunlight Financial helps contractors make this cost/benefit analysis as attractive as possible by offering exceptionally competitive loan rates. What’s more, a wide array of payment terms and promotional and deferred interest programs are available to suit homeowners’ specific needs.

A partnership to help grow your business

At Sunlight Financial, we’ve created a contractor financing program centered on benefitting our partners. This begins with our process, which allows for fast credit approvals and easy loan status tracking with minimal documentation required, making financing a hassle-free experience for contractors and their customers.

We also offer powerful tools that can be seamlessly integrated with our partners’ sales processes. For example, our innovative Orange online portal and mobile app allow you to easily manage every aspect of your customers’ loans. New features are routinely added, such as our easy-to-use payment calculator, to make closing sales even easier. And, all of our partners can get fast answers to any questions using our intuitive help center or by contacting our support team.

To see if our window contractor financing program is right for your business, fill out our form today.